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Be Aware of Carbon Monoxide Risks on Boats

This week the Boat Safety Scheme has been reiterating the message for people to stay safe and be vigilant when dealing with appliances on boats and other vessels.

CO is both colourless and odourless and can cause fatalities if inhaled in high concentrations. Early health symptoms of CO poisoning are very similar to flu or food poisoning, and include headaches, nausea and dizziness.

Any fuel burning appliances have the potential to be a source of CO, these include stoves, gas appliances and any engine exhausts.

The Boat Safety Scheme warns that CO build-up in boat cabins can occur with any one or a mix of these factors:

  • with faulty, badly maintained or misused appliances
  • exhaust fumes from a boat's engine or generator
  • escaped flue gases from solid fuel stoves
  • blocked ventilation or short supply of air - fuels need the right amount of oxygen to burn safely

To avoid the threat of CO poisoning please follow the simple steps in the image above.