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Gas Safety Standards Made More Affordable

Gas Safe Register will host the main gas industry standards including UKLPG Codes of Practice - making them available and more accessible to smaller registered businesses via an annual subscritption.

How can you buy £17,000 worth of gas safety-critical information from as little as £75? Via the Gas Safe Register website, from next month.

Gas Safe Register is in the final stages of testing a new section of its website, where it will host the main gas industry standards from BSi, IGEM and UKLPG - at a hugely discounted rate for smaller registered businesses.

It's the culmination of more than a year of work by representatives from across the industryto help reduce the cost and administration burden on registered business in ensuring that their work is up to the required standards.

More than 80 standards will be hosted securely on Gas Safe Register's site, after many industry requests for a solution that allows engineers to gain easy access to the main gas-related industry Standards electronically.

The standards will be accessible only to registered businesses, and engineers to view, download or print the PDF documents can do so knowing that they always have the latest version.

This industry-driven initiative has been welcomed by the standards bodies as as Gas Safe Register. "This is a significant decision which the standards bodies have taken together in response to strong industry demand," says BSI.

Until now, buying copies of all the relevant standards could cost thousands of pounds, which meant that they were essentially out of the reach of small businesses.

Jeremy Bending, president of IGEM, says: "Working to industry standards is a vital element to delivering and using gas safety in the homeand at work. This initiative is a major step forward in making this important information more accessible to smaller businesses within the downstream sector."

Rob Shuttleworth, Chief Executive, of UKLPG adds: "We welcome the opportunity to out these standards into the hands of engineers, particularly those operating smaller businesses, at such an affordable price."

The scheme is being administered by Gas Safe Register to make sure that only those with the correct qualifications can access the standards. Documents will be viewed through a secure section of their website, which can only be accessed by registered engineers.

Gas safe Register has also agreed to administer the scheme and to process the payments.

"We have the payment systems in place and, because of the link to registered businesses it was logical that we would be asked. We believe that improved access to Standards will help lead to improvements in gas safety and are entirely supportive of this initiative by BSi, UKLPG and IGEM," says Gas Safe Register's Simon Ayers.

"It is important to note that this is not an additional cost on top of registration: it is a seperate and entirely optional activity where we are simply actibng as a vehicle for something the industry as a whole has been requesting for some time."

The scheme will formally launch in June and Gas Safe Register will write to all businesses when this happens, giving details of how engineers can access the standards.

Source: Registered Gas Engineer.