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LPG Comes to the Rescue in Harsh Cold Spell

The versatility and availability of LP Gas as an energy source has been put to the test recently, as the UK found itself in the grip of cold weather in the run up to Easter.

However, the cold snap helped to highlight not only how successful LP Gas can be at providing the ideal solution to the weather conditions; it also showed that suppliers are well equipped to be able to deal with challenging situations. In the wake of heavy snow that caused havoc to parts of Scotland, an urgent supply of LPG cylinders needed to be delivered to Campbeltown. Within 24 hours of the snow and ice beginning to wreck power supplies, J-Gas, the household and commercial LP gas supplier, collaborated with local authorities and the community to successfully deliver a lorry-load of LPG cylinders to Campbeltown, guided through huge snow drifts by police and snow ploughs. At this time of the year, customers normally take delivery of one load per month. However, conditions became so bad that the stock needed replenishing in just two days and a return journey had to be planned to cater for emergency supplies.

In the same week, J-Gas also managed to get a load of cylinders to the Isle of Arran, which had been left isolated and without power for the entire weekend as a result of gale force winds and snow drifts. To make matters worse, many areas were also left without electricity for up to a week as power lines were downed by the wind and snow. Special arrangements had to be made for an additional ferry crossing to take the delivery and also to give the islanders time to clear the roads to enable traffic movement on the island.

The harsh weather also played havoc in Bristol earlier this year and this time it was Calor Gas that was able to provide a solution of a different scale. With four small children, including two premature babies, the customer called Calor Gas in the morning to see if there was any way of getting an emergency LP Gas delivery. The call was passed to a salesperson, who was in South Wales at the time. Due to the location and the weather, it meant a difficult journey through blizzards was in store. However, irrespective of all obstacles, Calor Gas managed to deliver the 47kg cylinders by 9pm the same evening, connected these to the house and ensured that the central heating was working correctly.

Rob Shuttleworth, chief executive of UKLPG, the trade association for the LPG industry in the UK, said: “LP Gas has a vital role to play in providing energy to rural and off-grid communities all year round. The industry understands the significance of making deliveries in time and ensuring supplies are met as soon as possible. Its versatility and availability means that it has a critical role to play in supporting businesses and homes throughout the year.”