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LPG Part of the Solution to Reducing Rural Transport Costs

Further to the publication of the Commission for Rural Communities report into the cost of living in the country compared to the city, the LPG autogas industry is highlighting the role LPG can play as part of the solution in reducing rural transport costs.

LPG is plentifully available in remote rural parts of Britain, where cars are often the only viable method of transport. Conventional fuel prices are considerably higher in rural areas and LPG, with its lower fuel duty, provides an affordable alternative to motorists living in rural areas.

LPG autogas can be found in rural Britain, and nationally with 160,000 vehicles served by over 1,400 refuelling sites and a national network of vehicle installers.Where filling stations are being closed, LPG Autogas can fill the gap as it does not require the same infrastructure to supply motorists. LPG can be made available via publically accessible filling points.

The infrastructure is in place to provide LPG capacity, and consequent emission reductions, to the 20 million-plus petrol vehicles currently on our roads as well as new cars.

Robert Shuttleworth, Chief Executive, UKPLG, said:

"In areas, where cars are often the only viable method of transport, LPG autogas has a key role to play for motorists who may not be able to afford to run their vehicles on petrol due to increased cost in rural parts.Thanks to the favourable fuel duty regime, LPG is considerably cheaper than petrol and diesel as well as presenting an immediate and proven solution (as part of the energy mix) to low carbon and clean air driving in the UK". Full press release is available.