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Summer Revellers Urged to Remember Gas Safety

As the barbecue season gets into full swing, householders planning to use appliances powered by LPG are reminded to ensure they store, handle and dispose of gas cylinders safely.

Thanks to their convenience and ease of use, sales of gas-fired barbecues are on the rise, with signs that they are outstripping charcoal alternatives in popularity. Barbecues are a great way to celebrate sunny evenings, end of term and the World Cup, but must always be used responsibly.

Pat Ardis, Chair of the Technical and Safety Management Team at UKLPG explains: “Gas cylinders for barbecues are very versatile and portable which makes them ideal for outdoor cooking. They do, however, need to be stored, handled and disposed of safely. There are some simple rules to follow.

“Firstly, all barbecues should only ever be used outside. Poisonous carbon monoxide (CO) fumes can be a potential danger if equipment isused in an unventilated space.

“Similarly, gas cylinders for barbecues should always be stored outside, preferably in a caged or fenced area. They should never be kept indoors, in sheds or garages. They should be stored in an accessible place, not in door or passageways and not in cellars, by cellar openings or below ground level. If they are in an area where people walk past, they should be restrained to stop them falling over. Although they are robust, treat cylinders with care to ensure they don’t get damaged.

“When moving cylinders, always keep them upright, keeping the valve uppermost and lift carefully or use a trolley as a full cylinder will weigh about twice the contents weight shown on it.

“Follow the suppliers’ instructions carefully for both the cylinder and the appliance and remember the contents are flammable so don’t subject cylinders to heat. It is especially important not to smoke when connecting cylinders.

“Finally, once they have been used, return empty cylinders to the nearest stockist. These safety tips are an essential part of ensuring a safe and enjoyable summer barbecue season,” concluded Ardis.

For more information regarding the use of gas cylinders please click here for UKLPG's useful information sheet.