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UK Company Wins Global LPG Innovation Award

The photograph shows Bob (on the left) receiving his award in a kitchen mock up which demonstrates the fuel cell technology they have at Ceres Power. The fuel cell/boiler is in one of the kitchen cupboards and generates 1kw of electricity and heat (from LP Gas and air) to supplement domestic demand; 80% efficient instead of 30% from traditional energy.

Every year at the Global Technology Conference (GTC) the WLPGA showcases the best examples of technical innovation in the industry from the well head to the consumer. Submissions include more efficient ways to extract the product, new applications for this Exceptional Energy, innovative ways to improve operational efficiency, safer ways to store handle and distribute LP Gas and more. The WLPGA GTC steering group selects the best abstracts from all the submissions lodged and these are presented at GTC. In addition the best papers presented at GTC are then awarded the WLPGA Innovation Award. The papers that were presented at the GTC in Madrid have been scrutinised and the same steering group have selected the winners for the WLPGA 2011 Innovation Award.

The winner of the 2011 WLPGA Innovation Award is Bob Flint, representing Ceres Power in the UK, for his paper ‘Fuel Cell Micro-CHP: The Clean, Efficient Home Energy Centre’. Bob will be presented with the award by David Tyler at the Ceres Power offices on 21st September. The runner up is Greg Kerr, representing PERC, for his paper ‘Developments in Premium Generator Technology for use in Propane Renewable Hybrid Distributed Generator Systems’. Greg will receive the runners up award during GTC in Doha.

Abstract submissions for GTC 2012 in Bali can be submitted in November 2011, so look out for the announcement and submit your best innovative idea for the LP Gas industry to be showcased in Bali in September 2012.