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UKLPG Adds Its Support to the FairFuel UK Campaign

With just 3 weeks before the Budget, UKLPG is delighted to announce its full support for the FairFuelUK Campaign. UKLPG is the trade association for the LP Gas industry in the UK.

Quentin Willson, Lead Campaigner for FairFuelUK said: “I'm delighted to have UKLPG supporting our FairFuelUK campaign for affordable fuel for all drivers. LPG is almost half the cost of diesel and unleaded and is another choice for families and businesses to help reduce their transport bills. The government should support this cheaper cleaner fuel with lower duty rates.”

UKLPG believes LPG autogas, in the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement, should have been included alongside LNG and CNG in having its duty differential level maintained until 2024. LPG autogas remains the cheapest, most widely available fuel on the market, the industry and FairFuelUK strongly believes that it should receive the same level of support as other gaseous fuels.

Lisa Thomson, UKLPG’s Director of Communications & External Affairs said: "The LPG industry fully supports FairFuelUK’s campaign to urge the Government to maintain the lower fuel duty for automotive LPG beyond 2015, to encourage continued take up of this low carbon, low emission fuel. This will not only support long-term investment in the availability of LPG at more than 1,400 sites nationwide, but also give drivers the confidence to convert to LPG and benefit from greener, more cost-effective motoring."

Howard Cox, Co-Founder of the FairFuelUK Campaign said: "This is fabulous news for the campaign. UKLPG joins the RHA, FTA, APN and the RAC as one of the major supporters in the fight for lower fuel duty at the pumps. In the lead up to the Budget, just 3 weeks away, we will be lobbying and campaigning for a cut in fuel duty across all fuels. A 3p cut that we have proven will be fiscally self-financing. Every MP’s constituency has nearly 1000 of their local electorate signed up to the FairFuelUK Campaign all calling for lower prices at the pumps. This number is growing by the day. More worrying for MPs, 70% ofthese supporterssay they will vote for the political party that supports a substantial cut in Fuel Duty. Food for thought with the European and General Elections looming and marginal seats at risk."