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UKLPG Calls On London Mayor To Help Motorists Convert To LPG

Motorists who wish to convert their car to run on liquefied petroleum gas can now do so in confidence after the launch of a new online register of Approved Autogas Installers.

The Liquid Petroleum Gas industry has launched their new approval network for the retrofitting of vehicles, of which the online register is a part of the improvement, called UKLPG Approved Autogas Installers. The change is to provide motorists with further consumer confidence about installers in their local area and give them peace of mind that they are competent.

Only Approved Autogas Installers can add vehicles to the online register, a centralized database of all vehicles converted to LPG. It provides free access to insurance companies, brokers, taxi licensing officersand consumers to confirm a vehicle has beenconverted, or checked and meets industry standards. 

Due to LPG's environmental benefits, motorists enjoy a reduced rate of fuel duty if they use LPG compared with petrol and diesel - this has been confirmed by the Government for the next four years. However, a recent announcement on the Congestion Charge has removed the incentive for motorists in central London to convert their vehicles to LPG.

UKLPG is therefore calling on London Mayor Boris Johnson to develop a Congestion Charge discount for light commercial vehicles (LCVs).

Compared with petrol and diesel vehicles built to the latest Euro 5 environmental standards, a Citroen Berlingo built to the older Euro 4 standard and converted to LPG will emit a sixth of the nitrogen oxide that the petrol equivalent will and an eighteenth of the diesel equivalent's emissions. A Ford Transit van converted to run on LPG will emit 25% of the nitrogen oxide of its Euro 5 diesel equivalent, and 10% of its petrol equivalent.

Robert Shuttleworth, Chief Executive, UKPLG, said:

"This new register will improve the market in LPG conversions by giving motorists peace of mind that they are using a reputable installer.


"In London, light commercial vehicles make a huge contribution to the city's poor air quality. Encouraging firms to convert their LCVs to run on LPG would slash emissions of nitrogen oxides and particulate matter. This will only happen with support from the Mayor and TfL in the form of a congestion charge discount.


"UKLPG hopes our new Approved Autogas Installer register will enable the Mayor and TfL to easily do this."