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UKLPG Calls on London Mayor to Support Autogas Vehicles in Air Quality Strategy

The LPG autogas industry has today called on the Mayor of London to support alternative fuels with lower air pollutant emissions, placing a greater emphasis on the role existing technology can play in improving London’s air quality.

In response to the Mayor's Air Quality Strategy consultation, which currently focuses on only two transport fuels, electric and hydrogen, UKLPG is calling on the Mayor to develop incentives that promote vehicles with lower emissions of NOx and PM, rather than new vehicles or specific transport fuels. The LPG autogas industry is worth over £150 million to the UK economy, with much of the industry concentrated in London. It is a retrofitted solution providing immediate opportunities for Londoners to reduce their emissions by converting to LPG. Other solutions, such as electric vehicles, are only adopted where members of the public purchase a new car. Whilst the Mayor's strategy highlights the need to provide clear information about emissions from transport, UKLPG argues that educating consumers about air quality and the benefits of alternative fuels must not be limited to emissions certificates for new cars on the forecourt. UKLPG is calling for the Mayor to ensure that the retrofitting of vehicles to run on LPG autogas is included in any guidance produced by the Greater London Authority. Robert Shuttleworth, Chief Executive, UKPLG, said: "UKLPG welcomes the ambition and objectives of the Mayor's Air Quality Strategy, the success of which is crucial for London to meet its objective of cleaner air by 2015. However, in order to ensure a truly technologically neutral approach, it is vital that the Mayor sets targets which are expressed in terms of NOx and PM, with additional consideration on the effects on CO2 emissions. If alternatives to conventional fuels are not considered, the fear is that opportunities to reduce emissions of pollutants, speedily and economically, could be wasted. He added, "LPG autogas is a popular, clean and green fuel, with the potential to help meet London's public policy air quality objectives. The Mayor has a real opportunity with the Air Quality Strategy to establish London as a world leader in addressing air quality and UKLPG hopes to work with the Mayor and his team to achieve this."