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UKLPG Calls on TfL to Retain Alternative Fuel Discount

The LPG autogas industry has today called on Transport for London (TfL) to retain its Alternative Fuel Discount (AFD), which incentivises drivers to reduce their emissions throughout the capital.

In response to TfL's consultation on the proposed change to the Congestion Charge, UKLPG (the trade body for the LPG industry) are calling on TfL to impose more ambitious targets for clean air, with measures designed to reduce emissions by focusing on the existing vehicle parc as well as new cars. TfL are currently proposing to scrap the AFD and replace it with a new Greener Vehicle Discount (GVD), which favours certain technologies, such as electric cars, focusing primarily on lowering exhaust emissions of CO2, with less focus on air quality. UKLPG believes that measures to support the roll out of electric cars should only be implemented if it can be shown that they would not adversely affect the viability of alternatives, such as LPG autogas. The LPG autogas industry is worth over £150 million to the UK economy, with much of the industry concentrated in London. It is a retrofitted solution providing immediate opportunities for Londoners to reduce their emissions by converting to LPG. Other solutions, such as electric vehicles, are only adopted where members of the public purchase a new car. UKLPG have called for TfL to either retain the AFD, including electric cars within it, or replace the current system for passenger cars with a single Greener Vehicle Discount for all vehicles. Such measures, targeted at public policy objectives, would allow TfL to make the best use of the congestion charge as an incentive for consumers to reduce emissions. Robert Shuttleworth, Chief Executive, UKPLG, said: "At a time when the Mayor is consulting on the city's Air Quality Strategy, we would like to see TfL impose more ambitious clean air targets upon London transport, by harnessing the solutions that the LPG autogas industry offers. I worry that by implementing the Greener Vehicle Discount as currently proposed, TfL would remove an important incentive for conversion to LPG, for administrative rather than environmental reasons. LPG autogas is a popular, clean and green fuel, with the potential to help meet London's public policy objectives on both CO2 emissions and clean air and I look forward to working with TfL to help achieve this."

For a copy of the full press release please click here.