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UKLPG Supports National Energy Efficiency Campaign - Hole in the Roof

UKLPG is supporting the Heating and Hotwater Industry Councilís Hole in the Roof campaign. Launched this week its purpose is to raise the awareness of energy efficiency by getting people to take action and make a change in their homes that could result in financial savings.

Hole in the Roof would like consumers to make changes to their behaviour and stop wasting energy that is metaphorically disappearing through the roof as well as depleting the pocket. LPG consumers can view the Hole in the Roof website for ideas on ways that could help save energy. This can be a simple measure like draft proofing, putting a balloon up your chimney, radiator reflectors or installing new technology.

Hole in the Roof is supported by leading environmentalist, Tony Juniper, BBC’s DIY SOS Charlie Luxton, financial expert, Jasmine Birtles and Director General of Saga, Dr Ros Altmann.

"Using energy efficiently is very important for the environment and to manage costs," said Rob Shuttleworth, Chief Executive of UKLPG, "this is important because it is something we can all individually do something about and therefore we are heppy to support this heating industry campaign."

Roger Webb, HHIC Director said: “The Hole in the Roof campaign is all about making simple changes in the home in order to make your environment more energy efficient. We have some well-respected supporters from a variety of fields who all support us in our aim to raise the importance of energy efficiency. We want people to become enthused about changing their behaviour to sign up to the fact that as a collective whole we can make a difference. We can’t force people to change their behaviour but we can try to tap into the reasons they might want to. The Hole in the Roof campaign provides a fun and interactive website and a humorous animation to watch called: The Romans all to help kick-start action.”

The website has a 2D house where consumers can click on various heating technologies in the house such as thermostats, solar thermal, showers, heat pumps, controls and other measures. This user friendly website will enable the public to find out more about how they can save energy and become more energy efficient. Human behaviour is one of the hardest things to change and we want people to become more aware of their actions but not preach to them and also appeal to all publics not just the green community. At the end of the day, energy costs keep rising and will hit many pockets hard as winter approaches, we need people to realise that they need to prevent money from literally disappearing through the roof.

Visit the website (external site)