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UKLPG Warns the Public Not to Replicate Channel 4's 'Kevin's Man Made Home'

On behalf of the liquefied petroleum gas industry in the UK, UKLPG welcomes the recent statement issued by Channel 4 and Optomen. This was made in response to UKLPG’s concerns over footage shown on the programme ‘Kevin McCloud’s Man Made Home’ (episode aired Sunday 14th October).

The statement made by Channel 4 and Optomen reads:

‘In this episode, an old gas cylinder was converted into a wood burner to heat the hot tub. Channel 4 would like to make clear that converting gas cylinders in this was can be highly dangerous and can also be unlawful. It should therefore never be attempted by you under any circumstances.’

As underlined in the statement, the cutting up of LPG gas cylinders is extremely dangerous and unlawful. LPG cylinders are pressure vessels containing a flammable product therefore must be handled responsibly by a competent person(s).

Rob Shuttleworth, Chief Executive, UKLPG said:

“LPG cylinders are portable and convenient and therefore are used widely within the UK and have a very good safety record,” he then went on to say, “but the cutting of LPG cylinders is highly dangerous and should not be attempted by members of the public. Therefore we are pleased that Channel 4 and Optomen quickly responded to our concerns and have now removed this part from the programme."

LPG cylinders are safe when used correctly, and manufacturer instructions should be followed. It is also important to know that for the duration of their life, gas cylinders remain the property of the gas cylinder company. Unwanted gas cylinders should be returned to the gas supplier, and there is a useful contact guide via the UKLPG website for consumers to use.