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Case Studies

This holiday park and its many happy campers, have benefited from nine, two tonne underground storage tanks which supply each unit – be it a lodge or a chalet – through a network of below ground level pipes. The site also uses a top up system which is replenished every three weeks; this is becoming more and more important as the season continues to extend through the year.
Home to more than three million of these domestic fowl, it is essential that the farm – based in Penrith - ensures its chicken sheds are suitably heated to allow their inhabitants to develop and grow.
Four in a bed (143.74 Kb)
It may be that a hotel’s fuel supply is not a glamorous topic, but it’s a critical element to ensuring a tip top service and one that a Newport hotel and pub knows only too well.
We all know it rains in Wales but one spell of watery weather had near apocalyptic consequences for a hotel and restaurant just outside Abergavenny. This hotel's LPG supplier helped to ensure that the conditions did not affect the gas supply.
A breath of fresh air (127.82 Kb)
This hotel uses LPG for heating, cooking and hot water, as well as to run its state-of-the-art condensing boilers; and because they use so much of it, the hotel is able to buy it at preferable rates.
All about performance (212.73 Kb)
With up to 80 fork lift trucks at work on every shift, there is no room for error and zero tolerance against loss and damage. And using LPG has had a major positive impact on the smooth running of this enterprise.
One larger property set in a beautiful rural location had been heated by an oil fired system for years. Old and inefficient, the owner decided to look at other alternatives and one in particular caught his discerning eye – LPG.
The owner of a West Sussex guesthouse was left shocked by the cost of installing an underground oil tank. By switching to cleaner‘LPG the tank is out of sight and the cost of an underground LPG tank is far less than the oil equivalent.
After considering a range of alternative fuel options, a housing developer decided on LPG for heating and hot water for its prestige development.
With the short but intensive grain drying season only lasting from August to October, it is essential that agricultural merchants have 100 per cent faith in the reliability of their energy sources. That’s when the company decided to switch from using diesel oil to LPG.
Happy campers (375.20 Kb)
The strain of providing constant hot water all day long at this campsite was also leading to large fuel bills and high hot water storage costs. That’s where LPG came to the rescue!
It's wine o'clock! (41.04 Kb)
For this award-winning restaurant and wine bar, three separate and different energy systems for heating and hot water, open fires and cooking proved overwhelming. Calling on the expertise of a local supplier, the owners converted to one energy source, LPG.
It was a harsh, cold winter when new landlords entered their new pub to find no boiler. LPG supplier to the rescue!
Fancy a pint? (40.71 Kb)
Microbrewery chooses LPG to brew the barley due to versatility, efficiency and affordability.
For this dairy farmer, instant hot water was vital to do the wash which put pressure on the current electric immersion system. With a new LPG-powered system, instant hot water is no longer an issue.
Best in class (40.38 Kb)
Irish college saved thousands by switching from oil to LPG.
Love at first taste (42.36 Kb)
The owner of this restaurant felt that the current system did not supply his properties with the amount of hot water he required and was searching for a more cost effective, efficient and flexible solution to meet his energy needs. LPG was his solution.
One of Scotland's leading grain merchant's productivity was hampered with no access to mains gas. LPG proved to be the magic answer!
Moove over to LPG (43.15 Kb)
This dairy farmer was using electricity to heat the water needed to clean the milk lines and tanks which was proving expensive, and slow. LPG water heaters gave him hot water on demand at a given temperature.
The weekend's on us! (372.40 Kb)
The managers of this Dublin beverage warehouse established that a switch from electric to LPG powered forklifts made for a smoother, cheaper, hassle-free warehousing process.
At a leisure centre in County Kerry, its energy bills account for the majority of its overall running costs. That’s why the centre manager decided to install a combined heat and power unit running on LPG, achieving significant cost savings.
Norfolk farm choose LPG so as not to contaminate the crop with diesel fumes.
You tell us! (41.73 Kb)
For this forklift truck fleet manager, LPG was the most suitable replacement for their diesel-powered FLT fleet which works both inside and outside the warehouse facility. It proved to be quicker and cleaner filling up on LPG.
Moving house (118.81 Kb)
Moving house is stressful enough, but imagine finding out that the old oil boiler you have acquired is inefficient and expensive. Read more on why these new homeowners switched to LPG.
Not a lot if we are honest! But for one former English professional rugby player, LPG was a real bonus point!
Find out why this farm’s holiday lettings business decided to move from solid fuel to LPG.
Caravanning is cool (96.06 Kb)
There was a time when caravanning was only attempted by the hardiest of holidaymakers. But thanks to design improvements it has now been transformed into an almost fashionable way to explore the nation’s green spaces.
Six motorway service stations would usually mean energy consumption is through the roof. However - thanks to LPG – these sites are fuelling the way for cleaner, greener travel.
Say cheese (239.01 Kb)
Find out why our family of Somerset cheese makers have chosen LPG as its main source of fuel.
Due to its rural location with no mains gas, coupled with the hike in oil prices in recent years, our inspirational care home owner was faced with looking at an alternative fuel supply. And three years on he has never had any regrets about choosing LPG.
Safety and savings (38.71 Kb)
For those working as fork lift truck operators, safety is paramount; this, combined with competitive running costs, will ensure a workforce that is positive, a workload that is manageable and a business that is successful.
One Lincolnshire care home has rated its energy supplier – from which it receives an annual usage of 24,000 litres from two 2,200 litre above ground tanks– at the very top of its tree!
The Great British Pub (155.43 Kb)
The great British Pub is surely one of our finest national institutions. In order to keep his ship afloat, his diners happy and his staff on top form, this country pub owner needs an efficient fuel to fire up his kitchen cuisine.
Tidy (271.09 Kb)
Find out why this rural resident switched to LPG to keep his hearth warm in the coldest of Welsh winters. And the process was remarkably smooth.
Having found a local, reliable supplier of LPG, our chicken farmer is enjoying a more flexible relationship which can accommodate sudden temperature changes and irregular consumption patterns.
Safety first (40.00 Kb)
Many operators use cylinder gas to power their fork lift trucks, without knowing that – in many cases – it is possible to use LPG tanks mounted permanently on the fork lift truck which re-fuel from an on-site bulk storage tank.