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Codes of Practice

Code of Practice 1: Part 1 - Bulk LPG Storage at Fixed Installations : Design, Installation and Operation of Vessels Located Above Ground (October 2017)

Revised in 2017

  • is the principal Code that UKLPG produces that is recognised by the UK Regulator, Health and Safety Executive.
  • wide scope of guidance for ALL above ground fixed tank installations for any market application.
  • provides an excellent foundation for both users and duty holders .
  • code covers key areas such as Design, Installation, Commissioning, Operation and Training.
  • also covers storage and security, fire precautions as well as electrical requirements.
  • amended in 2017 to reflect current industry practice.

Comprises 9 comprehensive sections covering plant location and safety distances, design of the vessels and associated equipment, fire precautions, electrical requirements, installation and commissioning, operating and records.