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Codes of Practice

The HSE Endorsed Codes

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UKLPG Code of Practice Disk: Terms & Conditions


All information contained in the UKLPG Codes of Practice is copyrighted property and is the intellectual property of UKLPG.


These files are for the use of the immediate purchasing company only.


The purchasing company agrees not to re-produce copies of the files.


All information in this report is verified to the best of the authors' and publisher's ability. They do not guarantee the accuracy of the data contained in the report and accept no responsibility for any consequence of their use.


Unless specifically agreed in writing, no content from any UKLPG Code of Practice may be reproduced, transmitted, distributed or otherwise exploited in anyway. However, these files may be published on a retrieval system of the immediate purchasing company, such as an intranet site.


UKLPG specifically disclaims any responsibility for 3rd party design, installation, operations and maintenance.


By purchasing UKLPG Codes of Practice you signify your agreement to the Terms of use and Conditions  



The HSE Endorsed Codes

Electronic Package Including: CoP 1 Series, CoP 7, CoP 25. (Cost 402 inc. VAT) - 0 amendments

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