BioLPG and Biopropane are terms used to describe LPG which is derived from production processes that use a variety of biological materials such as feedstocks, including waste streams.

Available in the UK now, bioLPG is chemically indistinct from LPG and so can be used as it is, just like conventional LPG. This means it can be 'dropped-in' to existing supply chains without the need to modify existing infrastructure or LPG gas appliances, a huge advantage over other bioliquid fuels. 

The benefits of bioLPG are as follows: 

Easy to use

Chemically identical to standard LPG and can be blended up to 100%


Far cleaner than the fossil fuel alternatives often used in off-grid areas, and could provide greenhouse gas savings of up to 80% relative to its conventional counterparts


Made from completely renewable crops and waste feed stocks


Can be used in over a thousand applications including cooking, heating and agricultural uses



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