Cold Weather Priority Service

UKLPG member companies strive to ensure that they can deliver LPG to their customers throughout the year.

Snowy road with truck

In winter, demand for LPG is at its highest and should there be severe enough weather to block roads, normal delivery patterns can become disrupted. At times of restricted supply the industry will seek to ensure that the following groups do not run out of energy:

  • Those (account holder or permanent occupant of the residence) aged 75 or older
  • Those who are chronically ill or registered disabled

In addition to the above criteria, UKLPG member companies are aware that there are other temporary exentuating circumstances which may warrant priority delivery treatment (e.g. pregnant mothers, households with children under 2 years old) and all reasonable endeavours will be taken to ensure such customers do not go without energy. 

Each UKLPG member company will have its own policy on how it seeks to meet this commitment, including working with customers who fall into the above categories to help ensure that they go into winter with an adequate stock of LPG, or identifying at an early opportunity when they might need a further delivery. 

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