LPG supply to your home

In the UK, 84% of domestic properties are connected to the gas grid, but some two million properties are off-grid and therefore depend on alternative fuel sources for heating and cooking. LPG is the fuel of choice for 193,000 homes and it is growing in popularity for space and water heating. LPG also offers a flexible and complementary source of energy to homes using solar and wind energy to power their homes.

LPG fuels all familiar domestic household gas appliances, such as central heating boilers and cookers. Thanks to the various technological advances that are driving energy efficiency in the gas appliance sector, the operational performance and carbon savings that can be achieved using LPG are improving all the time.

LPG is the clean and readily available gas that functions in an almost identical way to natural gas making it the ideal choice for off-grid households who want to cook and heat their homes with gas.

It can be supplied in portable cylinders or, more popularly, in bulk tanks provided by the gas supplier that can sit above or below ground.

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