Code of Practice 15 - Part 2

Valves and Fittings for LPG service

Valves for Transportable LPG Containers (February 1998) (OBSOLESCENT)


This Code covers outlet valves for both propane and butane cylinders.


This Code has been declared obsolescent.With the publication of European Standards on cylinder valves (BSEN 15202 LPG equipment and accessories - Essential operational dimensions for LPG cylinder valve outlet and associated equipment connections, BS EN 13953: Pressure relief valves for transportable refillable cylinders for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), BS ISO 14245: Gas cylinders - Specifications and testing of LPG cylinder valves - Self-closing, and BS ISO 15995: Gas cylinders -Specifications and testing of LPG cylinder valves - Manually operated) Code of Practice 15 Part 2 has been made Obsolescent. Industry Information Sheet 030 provides guidance in areas not covered by the Standards.

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